The Most Controversial Places That You Can’t Get Into

There are many areas on the planet that are off-limits. There are many more locations you do not want to visit. Some are snake-infested islands, while others are government secrets that don’t match up…

Kentucky’s Fort Knox US Bullion Depository

Fort Knox housed the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Magna Carta throughout WWII. Needless to say, it was a strongly fortified region because it housed some of America’s most important history. Armed guards, alarms, minefields, barbed wire, electric fences, cameras, and even Apache aircraft safeguard this area.


This location is obviously off-limits to the general public. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the government is concealing something important behind the barriers, such as evidence of aliens. What’s truly within is 2.4 percent of all gold ever discovered in history, far more than any other country has.

England’s RAF Menwith Hill

A strange area of land in North Yorkshire, England, is dedicated to intelligence and communications data for the UK and US. It’s essentially a land of enormous golf balls. So, what is the actual goal?

Spying Network?

Naturally, some conspiracy theorists believe this is only for espionage purposes. According to reports, the Australian government revealed the existence of an eavesdropping network overseen by the United States and the United Kingdom. The story has been refuted by both nations… But that doesn’t make it any less accurate…

New Mexico’s Dulce Base

Extraterrestrials apprehended by the US are purportedly housed in the Dulce Base in New Mexico. Some say it’s a combined human-alien institution, with both species cooperating…

Secret Underground Base

UFO conspiracy theorists think that the base’s subterranean section contains all of the alien secrets. There is no conclusive evidence that it exists, but has this stopped anyone from believing it?

Russia, Mezhgorye

According to rumors, the Russian hamlet of Mezhgorye is home to a secret missile launch complex. The community surrounding the facility is off-limits, making it even more dangerous! Who prohibits people from entering a town?

Secret Bunker

Of course, there’s a secret bunker. Allegedly. Some believe a nuclear bunker exists beneath the town in case of a nuclear calamity. The structure exists, as the US government has discovered, but Russia has never revealed what it is. According to a former Time Magazine reporter, the town possesses 73 nuclear weapons.

Area 51

It was mostly used to test airplanes in the 1950s. Because it was so clandestine at the time, stories began to circulate, and many individuals claimed to have seen UFOs in the vicinity.

Even Airspace Is Restricted

Many folks have their own theories about what’s going on at the base. Anyone caught flying above the base, even an illegal military jet, will face severe penalties. Some believe they have extraterrestrial planes on the site, while others believe the government is testing top-secret lethal weaponry that the public is not aware of. In any case, don’t even dare to approach this location: they’re always monitoring.

Australia’s Pine Gap

This massive structure is essentially only a computer complex with little more than 1,000 staff. It’s similar to a satellite ground control station. But why is it so well guarded?

All About Strategy

This station is really in an ideal location for controlling US espionage satellites from around the world. It is even capable of infiltrating US drone attacks in the Middle East.

Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant Chapel

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church shares this historically significant and scriptural structure. Many people think that the Chapel houses the wooden box containing the treasure. Although that fence appears modest and uninviting, it is supervised for a purpose…

The Torah’s Ten Commandments

The two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments are said to be hidden inside the chest. As a result, no one is permitted to enter the modest church. The ark is guarded by a solitary monk who never leaves the grounds.

China’s Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

This museum is only open to Chinese people. It displays confidential information and surveillance equipment used by the Chinese. Cameras are not permitted! There’s some sensitive data on show here…

Secret Information

The museum houses clandestine documents, hidden weapons, and vintage outfits. There’s also crucial espionage intel dating all the way back to 1927!

Utah Mormon Church Secret Fault

The Mormon Church bought a section of Cottonwood Canyon and excavated a vault 600 feet below. The goal was to provide a secure refuge for storing records, but there are also offices and a microfilm lab.

Massive Storage

They hold around 2.4 million rolls of microfilm with over 3.5 billion images of family history and genealogy records. Every year, they get around 40,000 new rolls. That is some serious record keeping.

Yanomami Village is located near Brazil.

This distant community is isolated from civilization and has had no interaction with the outside world. Within the circular construction, there are around 100 members.

People in Remote Locations

It is advised that individuals avoid approaching these people since outsiders may bring infections that their bodies are unable to handle. Furthermore, they are content to live their lives alone. Don’t spoil it.