What is a true blue casino bonus and their types

Every year in the casino online casino login appear certain chips designed to make the stay of the players relaxed and exciting. Those that were able to gain popularity, are soon introduced in all institutions.

The role of bonuses in online casinos

For example, in the recent past, everyone has been able to get a casino bonus, the range of which has grown considerably in some couple of years. Thanks to them, it is possible to save a deposit, win more, as well as attract new guests.

Introductory bonus for new players

A new player has passed registration and is now ready to plunge into the sea of excitement and entertainment. But if something confuses him, for example, a complicated interface, it is unlikely he will hurry to enroll funds in the deposit.

To make the player feel more confident in the expanse of the institution, were envisaged entry bonuses to the casino, represented by a small virtual amount. They can not withdraw, but they can be spent on the following entertainment: 1. slot machines, 2. roulette, 3. card games. This type of prize can be received only once. Immediately, as soon true blue casino 200 sign up bonus 33 free spins as the funds are exhausted, you can immediately credit the account with real money. Provided that the gambling establishment all satisfied and want to continue to stay in it.

Bonus on your first deposit

Finding an online casino bonus where you would like to stop, you should specify the presence of gratitude from the institution on the first deposit. Often it is 100%. That is, for example, if a player has deposited $100, the amount is automatically doubled. Accordingly, you can make twice as many bets and win a more serious amount.


Alas, but such a casino bonus is given only once. So it makes sense to be generous and transfer as much as possible. Withdraw it can not be until it is won back. With luck, it takes a few hours.

Periodic bonuses

From time to time there are so-called recurring bonuses online casinos, the conditions for obtaining which may be any. For example, the administration is ready to enroll the players in the account 100 credits, who will spend in the institution at least 2-3 hours a day.

The money will come in a week. In each institution, the periodic accrual may vary in duration and conditions.