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Top 9 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

You may want to think twice before jetting off to these destinations the escalating violence will strangle the tourism industry , we’re counting down our picks for the top ten dangerous tourist destinations for this list we’ve chosen locations that are notorious for being dangerous and that tourists are usually advised to stay away from due to their volatile and violent nature Washington was also concerned about the presence of Osama bin Laden the Saudi warlord went to live in Khartoum until 1996 we’re not saying that all parts of these areas are dangerous as some other regions of these countries are safer or actually tourist hotspots but definitely exert caution and do your research before you travel anywhere:


since the start of the unrest in March of 2011 more than a hundred thousand people are estimated to have been killed the conflict has also created the world’s worst refugee crisis in 20 years the ongoing civil war in Syria makes it incredibly easy to wander into someone else’s territory and immediate danger of potential death with some government and rebel bases just city blocks apart being caught and open warfare is a likely occurrence even if you get yourself an armed guide for travelling you may find you have accidentally sided with one of the armies Potenza waterboy you have to save up enough intimacy and zlatyk for the affair for your own

Ciudad Juarez and Acapulco Mexico

Criminals one of the first things to note about Mexico is that you should try to travel by air as the roads can present problems like illegal roadblocks that could result in possible hijackings buena lane this was amigos que lo necesito animals Korea under Stalin you know bein Camilo useful para yeah it’s good I mean – it was living Tyrone IDE yeah – Iran what was it you on the news while this isn’t true for all of Mexico the country’s biggest dangers include its drug wars and police corruption there are easily 10 to 15 thousand of those 40 who were either innocent bystanders or victims or victims of abuses by the army by an army that’s not used to doing this particularly in places like Sudan Juarez and Acapulco with transnational criminal organizations at large drug trafficking has become more and more of the norm and this makes it easier to find yourself in a jam

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

For a fifth straight day a war is raging between police and gangs in the slums of Rio with its legendary carnivals and festivals some parts of Rio may seem like a good place for a holiday but the sheer amount of gun crime on the streets means that anything could happen at any time any place anywhere in fact the country has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world then there are the spontaneous dangers of cutthroat drug trafficking kidnapping and rape distinctive energy crystal.

Caracas Venezuela

The stench of deaths is particularly strong on this warm Caracas morning as dozens of people wait outside the morgue to pick up their loved ones murdered the night before first a quick stat to put this place in perspective for every 100,000 inhabitants over 120 people will fall victim to a homicide this means that Caracas is often called one of the most dangerous cities in the world why it’s poor neighbourhoods have become the headquarters for brutal drug trafficking violent and spontaneous street crime kidnappings and hijackings put it this way some tips for traveling in Caracas include not wearing jewelry and driving with your doors locked.


The shower Pakistan political turmoil is the least of your worries here aside from the killings and chaotic atmosphere places like Karachi and push our hosts battles between the Taliban and Pakistani military which can get out of control very quickly territorial gang warfare is also a huge danger as accidentally wandering into the wrong part of a certain area can prove to be a fatal mistake.

North Korea

With foreigners limited to just hundreds you can feel a little out of place in North Korea if I read a newspaper which has a picture of Kim jong-il Kim Il Sung Kim Jong hoon I am NOT allowed to fold that newspaper in half I am NOT allowed to crumble it I am NOT allowed to disrespect it in absolutely any way and by the way every single newspaper has pictures of their Dear Leader’s over every single page in fact tourists face strict travel restrictions and are constantly accompanied by tour guides with a reportedly oppressive and unpredictable regime as well as an uncertain security situation due to housed nuclear weapons North Korea can be one of the most spontaneous places in the world but not necessarily in a good way ma boutique even or Lausanne infernos Alameda malocchio NATO he can still negotiate.

Kabul Afghanistan

As it is still an active war zone Kabul is unpredictably dangerous with erratic suicide bombings and public executions a regular occurrence with Taliban residing in Kabul and the government losing grip on almost all of Afghanistan anyone can become a target if you insist on visiting Kabul some would even go so far as to advise that you take specialist warzone survival training seriously if that’s the case maybe you should think twice about going here I got a mobile home but senator there was so much good offense to credit that oh we do Duras yeah you do I pull Nick you know a mark.

Mogadishu Somalia

The sound of cracking machine confessed welcomed as upon arrival in the orifice city of Mogadishu many of the residents lived in fear then children stayed inside for the streets outside where too risky the fact that it’s recommended that tourists hire bodyguards to get from point A to point B in Somalia speaks volumes why did they support it about you know I never did nothing to eat no always running always buying Somalia has become notorious for its kidnappings pirates and banditry and American citizens are often specifically targeted those who resisted could be brutally punished al-shabaab has also carried out a murderous attack at nearby Uganda and threatened the u.s. since there is no u.s. embassy present you’d be straight out of luck when it comes to immediate assistance due to the scarce government control the country is also home to mass acts of gang violence between locals and merciless warlords before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions every district in old Sunna has a maximum a public garden providing food and pleasant green space between the tightly packed buildings cinta compaƱeros the Kira so I realized oh Jenny capella yeah okay nope I’ll swear it that’s contact crime the muggings and pickpocketing is very alarming in the problem is that you’re seeing the same faces over and over and even though they’re being arrested frequently the criminal justice system is not purchasing them and their ending back up on the street the long fight if control at Buenaventura has involved all armed groups in Colombia the result one the world’s worst murder rates in recent years 300 to 700 people have been killed every year after the u.s. offered a helping hand to put a new government in Kiev Ukraine is now holding talks with a military alliance in Brussels.

Baghdad Iraq

Ten years after the fall of Saddam Hussein Iraq still suffers from the damage wrought in the overthrow of a dictator and the chaos that followed now as Iraq adjusts after the withdrawal of American troops what is the new reality of everyday life Baghdad is possibly one of the first locations that comes to mind when you think no-fly zone despite the withdrawal of US troops in 2011 the Iraqi insurgency continues meaning the country still houses a hostile atmosphere of gunfire and public bombings of 150 but the Sahib unionists in several countries warned against all but essential travel to the country as Iraq has limited support for tourists when it comes to policing not to mention that some al-qaeda members make their home their utter fear mercutio sister Sarah where’s Sofia telephone damage or have do you agree with our list which place do you think budding tourists should avoid this man is in charge of a nuclear state for more interesting top.