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Top 10 Airlines in the World for 2021.


Thai airways

Thai Airways is the flag carrier airline of Thailand formed in 1988 Thai Airways is a founding member of the Star Alliance Thai Airways flies to 84 destinations in 37 countries using a fleet of over 90 aircraft the company slogan smooth as silk is a key brandy nominator  .


Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany and one of the five founding members of Star Line’s  , we’ve tones’ primary hub is ranked third airport  , with Munich Airport being the airline secondary hub.

Qantas Airways

founded in 1920 Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia  , and a founding member of the oneworld airline alliance  , Quintus is now Australia’s largest domestic and international airline.

Hainan airlines

Hainan airlines was founded in January 1993 in Hainan Province at the end of June 2018 hainan Airlines and it’s holding subsidiaries had over 400 aircraft in operation and 24 bases / branch companies hainan Airlines Network covers China numerous points in Asia and extends to Europe North America and the South Pacific .

EVA airways

Eva airways was established in 1989 and is a member of Star Alliance EBA serves a global network that connects Asia and mainland China to Europe North America and Oceania and links more than 60 major business and tourist destinations , EVA operates from their hub at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan .


founded in 1985 and flying out of Dubai with just two aircraft in our town has a fleet of more than 230 air pack  , and currently fly to over 140 destinations in more than 80 countries around the world the Emirates network is expanding constantly with over 1500 flights departing Dubai each week on their way to destinations on six continents  .

Cathay Pacific Airways

the Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Group offers scheduled passenger and cargo services to over 200 destinations in Asia North America Australia Europe and Africa using a fleet of close to 200 aircraft Cathay Pacific is a founder member of the one world Global Alliance and Cafe dragon is an affiliate member .

Anna All Nippon Airways

Anna All Nippon Airways is the largest airline in Japan founded in 1952 who Anna flies to around 80 international routes and over 110 domestic routes  , anna has been a member of Star Alliance since 1999 its frequent-flyer program, Anna mileage club has more than 29 million members Anna was the launch customer and is the biggest operator of the Boeing 787 .

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected travel brands around the world flying one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world two destinations spanning a network spread over six continents the Singapore going is an internationally recognized alike on providing the high standards of care and service that customers have come to expect of Singapore Airlines .

Qatar Airways

in a relatively short time Qatar Airways has grown to more than 140 destinations worldwide offering levels of service excellence that help the award-winning carrier to become best in the world Qatar Airways network spans business and leisure discs , nations across Europe Middle East Africa Asia Pacific.