This Is How Much Us Military Officers Paid According to Their Rank

How much do US military officers get paid?

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The response varies on their rank, length in service, duty station location, family members, and job specialty – to mention a few factors.

Other benefits, including as government healthcare and tax-free pay, allow service personnel to stretch their wages a little farther than civilian peers.

To give you an idea, we detailed their monthly salary, or base pay, by rank. We determined their pay rate based on the number of years they’ve normally served by the time they reach that level – many service members spend more time in each rank than we calculated, while some troops spend less time and advance faster.

O-1: $38,256

Military officers earn significantly more money than enlisted service personnel with the same level of experience.

The basic salary for a newly commissioned O-1 — 2nd Lt. (Army/Marine Corps/Air Force), Ensign (Navy) — is $3,188 per month.

O-2: $50,208

After two years of service, officers are automatically promoted to O-2. This is a widely anticipated promotion since it represents one of the most significant individual salary rises officers will receive during their careers. These are the ranks of 1st Lieutenant (Air Force/Army/Marine Corps), Lt. j.g (Navy).

An O-2 gets $4,184 each month, for a total of $50,208 per year.

O-3: $68,052

Officers will obtain a raise after three years of service.

Using the Army’s typical promotion timetable, officers will automatically advance to the next rank after four years of service.

With four years of service, new captains and lieutenants earn $5,671 per month. Officers at this rank will be paid every two years.

O-4: $86,832

Military officers will have served for an average of ten years by the time they achieve the rank of O-4. Lt. Cmdr. (Air Force/Army/Marine Corps), Maj (Navy)

A major or lieutenant commander with a decade of experience earns $7,236 per month, or little less than $86,832 per year. Officer compensation continues to rise with every two years of service.

O-4 compensation is set at $8,074 per month, so if an officer wants to earn a six-figure income — extra pay, incentives, and allowances excepted — they must advance to O-5.

O-5: $105,012

Officers generally serve for at least 17 years before being promoted to O-5.

They’ll earn $8,751 every month until their 18-year commissioning anniversary, when they’ll get $8,998. These are the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel (Air Force/Army/Marine Corps), Cmdr (Navy).

Officers earn over $108,000 per year after serving 18 years in the military.

O-6: $130,092

With an average of 22 years of service, “full bird” colonels and Navy captains are paid $10,841 a month.

Officers who do not advance to the rank of general or admiral are required to retire after 30 years of service. At this time, they will earn $11,668 each month, or around $140,000 per year.

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