The Worst Foods For Diabetics (Even Ones That Seem Healthy)

Diabetes affected more than 9% of the American population in 2015, and the figure has only risen since then. Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the body’s insulin response. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, their diet drastically alters.

Some meals that appear to be healthful are really harmful. Many contain hidden sugars, preservatives, and salts that are difficult to detect on the nutritional label. Continue reading to learn about the worst meals for diabetes.

Fresh Fruit Is Safer Than Dried Fruit

Certain fruits are safe for diabetics to eat since they are part of a balanced diet. They should, however, avoid dried fruit because it is a condensed version of entire fruit. “Everything goes up in these concentrated forms,” explains dietician Rupali Datta. “The glycemic index, the sugar levels.”

People consume more dried fruits since they are smaller than fresh fruits. A cup of fresh grapes, for example, has 27 carbohydrates, but a cup of raisins has 115 carbs. Dried fruits are considerably more likely to cause a blood sugar increase in diabetics.

Michael Jacobs/Corbis via Getty Images

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