Places to Visit in Greece: 4 Must-See Greek Destinations!


Greece has been one of our favorite countries in the world for a long time with stunning Mediterranean beaches dramatic topography incredible history delicious food and some of the most hospitable people in all of Europe this is a country that we’ve returned to time and time again if you’re looking for a romantic holiday or just a fascinating archipelago to travel around then look no further than Greece with that let’s get started here’s our top 10 best places to visit in Greece alright so:


Santorini is easily one of the most visited places in all of Greece thanks to the beautiful whitewashed buildings of via in the northwest coast of the island that spill down into the Aegean Sea but Santorini has much more to offer than just the picturesque town of Gia rent a car or a motorbike here and drive all the way around the coast of this beautiful little island find secret coves volcanic beaches hidden wineries ancient villages and some great restaurants and bars while you’re in Santorini make sure to head up to one of the many cliffs on the west side of the island particularly those near iya and watch the sunset Santorini is said to have the most beautiful sunsets in the world and trust me when you see the sky light up you’ll see why if you’re planning a trip to Santorini.

Greece creep

Crete is another one of Greece’s most popular islands and for good reason at over 95 kilometers wide it’s also the country’s largest island so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to do here like in Santorini I recommend renting a car while you’re in Crete and giving the island at least a week to explore it’s big enough that you’re going to have a few longer drives but for every curve and bump in the road you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views beautiful beaches cobblestone Greek towns and some fascinating historical sites Crete also has two of the nicest beaches that we ever found in Greece balos beach is a beautiful white sand Bay on the northwest side of the island while Elif and nici is a pink sand beach on the southwest side of Crete you really can’t miss either of these beaches while visiting Crete and by renting a car you’ll be able to see both of them within a day if you’re heading to Greece and Crete should be on your itinerary for sure.


a lush interior pristine coastline unique rock formations and a romantic capital city make this one of the best islands to visit in Greece due to its proximity and history with mainland Europe Corfu is actually one of the first Greek islands to ever experience mass tourism because of this Corfu has numerous accommodation options many restaurants and bars and a more cosmopolitan feel than neighboring islands I recommend renting a boat while you’re in Corfu it’ll cost you around 80 euro per day plus gas but you don’t need a boat license and you can rip around to different hidden coves and bays and have a slice of paradise all to yourself we did this while we were in Corfu and not only was it one of the best things that we did in Corfu it was one of our favorite things that we’ve ever done while traveling in Greece so make sure you rent a boat and explore the coast if you’re gonna head to Corfu.

the island of Zakynthos

also known as auntie this island has long been famous with UK and European travelers but very few North American travelers or people from the rest of the world have ever even heard of Zakynthos this Ionian Island has some of the nicest beaches in the world including Greece’s most photographed Cove the breathtaking navigate Beach also known as shipwreck Cove the kento’s also has hidden villages sulfur beaches volcanic beaches famous loggerhead turtles that you can snorkel with and some of the best restaurants and tavernas in all of Greece the island is no secret to the rest of Europe so during the high season it’s quite packed but if you come in the shoulder seasons the cantos is an interesting and peaceful island to explore if you’re planning a trip to suck in toes.