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How to Travel Maui – Best Maui Travel Guide And Tips!!

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First of all you have to check out the Iowa Valley it’s a state monument this will be a nice break after the Waukee ridge trail hike it’s a relatively small park that you’ll be able to explore in about an hour and to top it off there is a river that you can swim in ,after that you’re going to head around the northern tip of Maui where you’ll find a couple more stops you have to be careful though this road is a bit sketchy take it slow and you should be fine my favorite stop along the sketchy Road was definitely the olivine pools these pools are awesome during low tide you’re gonna be able to watch the waves crash around you while you swim in these natural volcano pools the view is great and this is pretty much picture-perfect MauiĀ  once you have your pass get ready for an early morning . .

now although you’re in Hawaii it is still super cold on top of the 10,000 foot mountain there’s a hut near the top that you can stand inside while you’re watching the sunrise but I’d still wear every piece of warm clothing that you have access to after that take the rest of the day easy and probably take a nap.


Now you’re going to tackle the iconic road to Hana the road to Hana takes you around the base of Mount Holly now when doing the road to Hana I highly recommend that you do the reverse road to Hana and all that means is that we’re going to be doing it backwards now by doing it backwards you’ve dodged the crowds because they do it the other way and you don’t have to worry about driving the sketchiest part of the road as it gets dark because we’re going to do it first thing in the morning there are so many things to do and see along the road to Hana but here are a few of my favorites palea Cola National Park and

specifically the ppy Trail was our first stop that really blew my mind , hopefully I better love another one of my favorite stops and probably my favorite spot on the entire trip was the Venus pools this is truly one of Maui’s gems it’s essentially a cove surrounded by cliffs and rocks that you can jump off of water is so warm it’s nice and blue and it’s really cool because the cove has a barrier of rocks so that breaks the waves as they come in leaving you with really nice calm water like I said this was my favorite stop along the road to Hana and probably my favorite thing we did a Maui another awesome stop is the lower Y Khmer Falls it’s a really nice fresh water swimming hole off the side of the road with some cliff jumping a waterfall and a rope swing all three of which I love as I said there are so many amazing places along the road to Hana you really can’t go wrong with whatever you end up doing the only advice I have is to get up and get started as early as possible there’s no way you’ll be able to see everything but if you’re up early enough you should be able to see what you want to see before it gets dark on you honestly this is one of those things that if you do have an extra day in Maui you could totally spend two days doing the road to Hana now to finish off the trip you can’t go to Hawaii without taking a helicopter ride so that’s what we’re gonna do while I was in Maui I partnered with Pacific heli tours and they blew

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me away with their doors off Molokai tour the pilot was super informative telling us all the local stories about Molokai while flying us alongside the oceanside cliffs where we saw tons of waterfalls cascading down we went s I appreciate every single one of you so much and I’ll see you all in another one you through valleys over Peaks we did steep banks over the ocean reefs it was an unreal experience the helicopter ride took about an hour so after that we headed up the can of Pali coast stopping in Lahaina this is a pretty cool town it’s quite touristy but it has the old Hawaiian town vibe to it still if you’re into walking streets with tons of shopping and restaurants this is definitely a place you’ve got to check out swype continuing on from there checking out some of the other beaches and fancier resorts out that way we ended up at Blackrock Beach for some cliff jumping and it wasn’t bad dad where we make it a trek to I think it’s called Black Rock it’s a dump going up there the jump was pretty nice but if that doesn’t excite you you can probably skip it because the other beaches that I had mentioned earlier are much nicer and there it is guys that is how you travel Maui in one week or I guess it’s technically six days but with traveling and stuff for all intents and purposes it’s a week