How Much Does Bali Cost ?

balli one of the few places on planet earth that just about anyone can show up and become an instant millionaire I’ve been living here for about a year and a half now and I wanted to share with you what it would look like if I tracked every single expense that I incurred for the next 30 days whether you’re planning to show up here as a vacationer or as a digital nomad this is going to be a really great video for you to see the reality of the costs behind Bali so today’s date is August 21st 2019 then we’re going ton a be keeping tabs until September 21st August if you want to see the detailed breakdown of every single day in every expense there will be a blog post on my website so you can see the entirety of it there now because I got in late last night I wanted to share one expense that I did incur up front and that was taking a taxi from the airport here to Change at exactly 170,000


Indonesian Rupiah all right guys my favorite thing about being here in Bali has just arrived hello how are you very good this is my friend – go Jackie driver so it’s 62,000 the equivalent of about 4 US dollars I’ve just gotten myself two meals delivered to the house and I want to show you what they are because this one’s one of my favorites this is the chicken of your dreams the cheesy chicken did you know I got myself two because they’re not big enough I know I’m sorry so we all know that the biggest expense that you’re going to face when coming to Bali is going to be wherever you choose to stay I have made a full video showing my villa if you’re curious about it I will have a link down below but there’s no denying this is not the cheapest place on the block it has daily housekeeping which I must say if you’re coming here as a digital nomad is definitely a very nice thing so that you can stay laser sharp focus on whatever it is you’re working on and with that it comes with an awesome yard where you can go swimming a really awesome common space where you can do work they had a friend and so one of the really great things about having roommates is that now the cost of this place has been cut basically in 3 1 Megan are you cool to be in the video sweet agreement PETA 250 a month our air B&B we had like a little studio and it was like 150 US a month but I had no AC no hot water this room that you read that and then food we did a really local for like a dollar appeal you’re going to be renting a scooter something that looks a little bit like this you’re probably looking at roughly 600,000 per month okay so one of the best things about Bali you can finish up work you can make your way down to the beach


and check that out right there beautiful beautiful doggies I was going to say sunset but this is the best reason to come here this is Brava Beach which is literally like five minute walk away from our place and take an hour off from being on the computer all day and at least feel like you got to enjoy something that Bali has to offer phone is all set up for about 10 bucks for the month so things are going well here I’m getting into the digital nomad workflow I’m starting my days extremely early about 5:00 a.m. and getting to bed super early but with that being said I’m going to show you a quick little trick to saving some money instead of paying three dollars for a cappuccino every day you can make yourself a coffee at home the French press yeah that’s probably going to cost what 20 cents for a coffee maybe less it was like 55 K for the bag oh my gosh that’s four dollars for the whole bag no see this is why you Millennials can’t afford a home that’s cuz you’re buying your coffee’s out new video exported and now it is time for the second thing on the daily checklist because I’m here in Bali for a month I’ve been able to sort of rationalize what’s definitely a very high expense this is a brand new gym that just opened up here and it’s about a hundred and twenty US dollars per month but it’s like the state of the art facility and I’m going to be using it every day I see it as basically the cost divided by 30 days because that is how much I plans come this month so we gotta tell ourselves we [Music] start off the morning with a cappuccino that was about $3 the US and it’s one of my favorites almond milk is so delicious because your coffee this morning this is so much better yeah where we going for breakfast yeah canteen is that where we’re going yeah I’m done all right I’m really hungry can we go there’s nothing worse than the Bali drivers they are just so ruthless here one just cut me off in traffic today Thursday today is our day [Music] bolli in the north in the center is typically really cloudy and you never quite know what you’re going to get but today the to our motorbike trip was so worth it we’re getting perfect conditions what I love right now is that you got the yellow then you got a bit of the blue and the Greens the rice terraces are right there and then like a bit of a pink hue on the mountain I mean you might be curious like what I’m doing here exactly so first of all I’m going to catch an Instagram photo here Jack helped me out with that this morning second thing is I’m shooting some hero content basically riding the bike using a DSLR taking photos in these beautiful environments and I thought it’s going to be used to basically promote and sell my content creator course which I’m working on as we speak as I’ve mentioned Bali is an awesome place for digital nomads but my business in particular is all revolving around photography videography and I love that within two hours I can be shooting this from my villa but today’s video is all about expenses and the only real expense so far has been a tank of gas which has basically been about a week or two worth of use of the bike and that was about six bucks so costs are very low now we’re going to get some breakfast probably in a couple of hours at one of my favorite spots I’ll show you that in a second another hour and a half on the bike so it’s probably three and a half hours in total this morning my butt is so sore but it’s all worth it because we are here at one full circle and it’s in it wood so it’s not somewhere I come very often because it’s all the way up here but everybody is it worth it was it worth the trip so delicious and this right here is 80,000 for this breakfast and then my coffees probably about forty but eight US dollars for everything so it’s a little bit expensive but it’s definitely a very special place [Music] good morning guys this is some fresh Bali coffee we just started our day nice and early made it here to the top of a waterfall we’re going to New Moon today to do a little bit of shooting ok another item on Balinese foots or here so this is like a rice paddy with inside brown sugar and I think she said a bit of cocoa oh wow we’re branching out boom Balinese food I love it so I was just telling cam that I’ve got some fond memories of this waterfall Cassie and I were here probably about a year ago I had a bit of a stomach problem and let’s just say I had a call to action that couldn’t wait so I took off my shoes climbed up the mountain a little bit to have some privacy and definitely got some good memories out of this place so it’s nice to be back here cam said today it might be him his stomach’s not feeling the best do you feeling better [Music] that is the difference that just one hour makes there’s probably no less than 30 40 people here now and to think we have this all to ourselves for close to 45 minutes to an hour this morning you capture Nell [Music] back from the gym and guys I just want to say like I have to share how I’m feeling right now because Bali is a place that some people come to party some people come to explore but for me Bali is a combination of social life it’s a combination of like self-development I absolutely love this place and right now I’m in the most insane workout routine I’ve been going like 19 of the last 20 days I’m actually seeing the difference I’m feeling the energy boost I feel like in such a good mood going to the gym just kind of sets my tone for the day and it sets everything else in its place my entire schedule just feels so perfectly balanced right now Hey hey mate your pool oh all right so I’m taking a brief hold on the 30 days of bodily expenses because I’ve just arrived here at the airport to fly to the Philippines for a quick little trip that trip looks a little bit something like this now with that said this is the money to get to the airport a go check here using the app was about 140 for the tip it’s about 160 by no means is tipping part of the culture here so just something you can choose to do or not to do look who’s home my little biker chica we’ve packed up bag number one number two and now we’ve got about an hour and 20 minutes to get up to a place by the name of cinnamon it’s on the east coast of Bali and very few people know about it it’s one of my favorite hidden gems we just arrived here and a brand new place we’re going to try out for a couple nights we got invited to come visit a hotel by the name of Simon via here in sediment from Changu area it’s about an hour and a half on the motorbike and that’s going pretty quick to get here Kathy and I have kind of fallen in love with this little hidden spot here in Bali beautiful beautiful untouched rice paddies see people working in the traditional way balancing like those heavy baskets on their heads you see kids wearing the Balinese traditional clothing and you just feel like you’re ultimately experiencing the real bali so most people in sudha men are working agriculture they’re working a field a few of the rooms have this very unique style that you’ll see right there with the tall ceilings and they’re covered in was kind of like dried out grass and that’s called a loom boom it was actually traditionally used by Balinese people to store the rice and they’ve turned it into a very beautiful place to have a staycation here in Bali so we have a two-bedroom place here yeah so cool the use of the local materials Wow check out this view this is the top floor so Kathy and I have this thing going where we’ve been ranking some of our best naps I think for me my number one nap will have to be in the Amazon when it was the Amazon it was pouring rain to the monkeys this might just fit in the top five though yeah I’m going to put that one in the top 10 naps I’ve had the breeze rolling in is perfect no AC needed the weather is perfect my poor girlfriend is so tired she’s a bit borderline delusional right now she was speaking to me in her sleep and she was speaking to me in Spanish so weird she kept calling me Carlos my name is like Carlos my name is Christian this is delicious somebody’s barely alive zombie you’re a zombie mode right now so today kind of hard to take me seriously looking like this but we’re doing in 90 minutes Balinese style massage let’s do this we basically just finished with the sunlight here the sky is amazing out there check this out goodbye wow we just got back this is where we’re having dinner we get some straw so we use these to strap me to the chair you can fall asleep so here is the first Appy shrimp and bread with a bit of Shiraz and sparkling water of course so as you can probably see you know Bali has its cheap experiences and then it has its luxury experiences and typically you get what you pay for it tonight’s meal I’m not exactly sure how much it is in total to stay here for a night around this price I’ve just arrived here it’s only been a few hours we’ve been at the resort but this is how I like to travel with expensive experiences I like to stay at the boutique places that are home run run by families run with so much care and attention the food is so good [Music] so after an amazing breakfast we have met up here with mong-koo master did I say that right man kumara Mariko it’s been only min holy man yeah and you’re teaching us yoga this morning yeah by you today yoga and meditation special yoga especially yeah what Muslim mom’s waffle tonight’s dinner is a romantic one they have set us up this beautiful beautiful arrangement with flowers on the ground petals everywhere the best thing is Christian’s favorite song it’s raining rain I love the sound of rain makes us more romantic – yeah we just finished up dinner and we walked like a block away because coincidentally it’s right next to where Cathy and I got our rings made do you guys remember this is a goon at a Boone silver and one of the most amazing things is we just heard from him that he’s getting almost two to three of you guys coming in every single day usually in couples to get rings made that is one of my favorite things about YouTube is being able to find these awesome local experiences and if you’re looking for one by Goom he’s the man yeah thank you very much yeah it’s time to get back to the room call it a night and then head back to Changu by the way I’ve really loved my stay here this is such a cool resort all right a full month has passed and a little bit do I look older having gone to the gym just about every single day been focusing on eating relatively healthy with the occasional little luxury now as you’ll see I have done an entire spreadsheet over the last 30 days if you want to see it in depth it’ll be on my blog on my website but for those of you that just want the quick and easy talking points let me give you a breakdown of how much I spends in total and how much I spent on average by the day one thing I will say is that I do have an accounting background and with that I definitely know how to run a decent little spreadsheet so instead of just dropping all the information in one place I’ve broken down the expenses into food into extra into luxuries and into rent now first of all my rent was about a thousand US dollars this month this entire place is much more but I have two of the rooms currently being rented out to my good friends so that’s been a great way to help keep the cost on my end much more reasonable and if you take a thousand dollars over a month that means I’m paying roughly 33 u.s. dollars per day to have this beautiful place right here to film to live that’s pretty much the best 33 dollars I’ll spend in a day the category food is self-explanatory now extra could be anything from taking a taxi buying toothpaste topping up electricity to keep this place powered scooter rental I don’t personally have to do that because I own a bike but I know that most people watching this video will probably want to rent and I’ve also added the expense of a visa run whether you decide to stay here at 30 days and extend in additional 30 days that is a little bit of an expensive process around 75 US dollars but the other way to do that is to do a visa run where you do basically a round-trip flight to somewhere like Kuala Lumpur which is basically the cheapest place you could fly to on a round-trip and if you get lucky maybe you’ll find a flight again around 75 US dollars so that right there has been built into the extra fees now the luxury fees are things that I paid because they matter to me for me one of those luxury expenses was protein powder about 80 US dollars for five pounds worth it’s something that I value and something that I want to spend my money on but I also recognize that it’s not for everyone so I put it into that special category another example was the weekend retreat we spent at salmon via this would be a relatively expensive getaway especially since I’m already renting something but it’s one of those things where you know you’re in Bali if you want to have a special weekend with a loved one whatever you’re doing these are the kind of amazing options you have here in Bali if you’re willing to spend a little extra and of course I have that extremely expensive gym membership but for me it was worth every single penny because I literally went almost every day and because of it I feel so so good right now it was foundational to my routine I would get up at like 8:00 o’clock make my way to body factory by 8:30 have an amazing 1 hour workout with some friends and then straight to work so it really put my day in order all right guys drum roll please the total amount that I spent during the past 30 days here in Bali from visa runs to rent 35 million and a little bit so if you take the 35 million Indonesian Rupiah that comes out to be two thousand four hundred and eighty seven dollars u.s. if you break that down even further into a daily basis we’re talking eighty two dollars and 93 cents now I know that number right there might frighten some people because you probably think of yourself I thought you came to Indonesia to have affordable living the first thing I will say is that Indonesia is extremely affordable Bali itself is a bit of an inflated pocket of tourism so prices here are not nearly as cheap as they used to be and they’re not as cheap of Southeast Asia in general okay so I’ve just created a theoretical daily budget for somebody that’s falling in more of the budget category to show you that Bali can be done a lot more affordably so if we allocated let’s say 450 US per month for a budget towards rent which will get you a single bedroom average little run-of-the-mill place around Changu I’ve given you what I would say an average day’s worth of food we got banana oatmeal plus coffee from let’s say hungry bird on average that’s costing about 50 K in the morning let’s say about 120 K for let’s say a coca-cola a water bottle and your pocket bowl and for lunch or dinner a chicken wrap that’s going to cost you about 70 K and there’s many places you can get it for that price scooter rental is going to be 20 K is a visa run I’ve just kind of taken it and prorated it over a month so it’s going to be about 30,000 per day and then extras from gas laundry toothpaste whatever you can think of that’s going to be about 17 so we take these all up let’s go and do five hundred and twenty five thousand indonesian rupiah per day now we’ve brought down our daily cost to a much more budget-friendly price of thirty seven US dollars per day we’re talking eleven hundred and seventeen dollars US per thirty days per month here in bali like i said guys if you want to have a closer look at how i broke down all of my spreadsheet it will be available to you on my blog post about how much it cost to live in bali this last part is directed at you if you’ve ever dreamed of being a digital nomad or you currently already are there is one main reason that I recommend Bali above all other places that is the fact that I can just stay focused on my work all the time all day when I wake up in the morning I don’t do my laundry I don’t even make my bed I don’t even clean the dishes now it sounds unbelievably entitled and privileged to say that but the truth is it’s just more time that you can focus in on what you do best I don’t know what it is that you do best but for me it’s video editing it’s managing a team and building my business this lifestyle is not for everyone but for those of you that are starting to see where this all makes sense that is why I love Bali and that’s where I’m going to end today’s video I hope you guys found it helpful if you did please leave the video big thumbs up it’s actually a big part of the algorithm or so I’ve heard so if you want to help this video would be shared and reach other people please leave the video big like it makes a huge difference and one last little plug guys if you’re coming to Bali I do have a full Bali travel guide everything that I know about the destination my favourite coffee shops my favorite restaurants the best view points in the north and the islands it’s all in that guide so check out that link down below and let’s get lost again in the next one Up next 18:00 NOW PLAYING Turkey is a Fairytale (Affordable