French Food: 7 Must Try Dishes in Paris (For Foodies)


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cited to share with you the top 10 must try meals in Paris France


from profiteroles and macaroons to croissants and quiches you can get so many incredible pastries in Paris walking down the streets of the city you’ll smell bread and pastry baking on many of the street corners and I almost guarantee that you won’t be able to resist tucking into one of the belong juries to grab a bite we started every one of our morning’s in Paris with a delicious croissant or a panel chocolate then for lunch sometimes we pick up a crepe and for dessert there’s always something delicious like profiteroles on the menu if you’re heading to Paris then prepare yourself for some incredible pastries and desserts the French just do them better than most other countries in the world.

cheese and wine

if you’ve been following our blog or watching this YouTube channel for a while you’ll know that der riese and I absolutely love wine and cheese we’re self-proclaimed winos and we try to sample as many different Reds in every country that we visit French wine is fantastic and there are even great table wines at many of their restaurants if you’re a cheese and wine lover like us I recommend checking out the food and wine tasting tour in an old wine cave this is an Airbnb experience set in a cave at the basement of one of the oldest buildings in Paris it’s not pretentious or anything so you basically just sit around sampling some delicious regional French wines and cheeses highly recommended ..

beef bourguignon

this hearty beef stew should be on every omnivores list of things to try while they’re traveling around Paris booth Alibaug annual is a beef stew braised in red wine often red burgundy and beef stock and it’s generally flavored with carrots onion garlic and garnished with pearl onions mushrooms and bacon derice ordered this dish while we’re sitting down for lunch at a restaurant in Paris and I just couldn’t stop eating it I kept on reaching across the table and taking out a hurry dish because it was so delicious so if you’re in Paris don’t miss trying a beef bourguignon .


on pretty much every corner throughout the city especially if you’re walking around the touristy spots like the 1st and 4th arrondissement the crepe is one of those iconic dishes that you really can’t miss while visiting Paris we actually tried just one on the street and we weren’t too impressed with it but apparently coffee crepes is a super popular spot to get crepes in the heart of the first arrondissement you really don’t have to look hard to find delicious crepes in the city you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll see street vendors always pretty much on every selling them so you can either just walk into one of those and follow your nose or you can choose one of the popular spots like coffee crepes from online list and Google Maps


I know it’s a little bit controversial to list a falafel on a video that’s listing all the best French food and while this delicious vegetarian rap may have originated in Egypt more than a thousand years ago a lot of people say that the best falafels on earth are found in Paris there’s actually an entire street dedicated to this middle-eastern specialty we were on our way to one of the most famous falafel restaurants in Paris kalasa falafel in the 3rd arrondissement when we were distracted by a big sign that said best falafel in the world the restaurant was Shahana and we actually ended up getting a delicious falafel there and we didn’t have to wait in the ridiculously long line up at the more popular Les Deux falafel if you want to get a delicious falafel in Paris head to rue des Rosiers on the 3rd arrondissement and you’ll find the street just lined with Middle Eastern restaurants serving this delicious dish .

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