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Dubai Part 1. All About Luxury Life .

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over the past several decades Dubai has increased in size an area several times it grows up to the skyline like a bamboo grove doing it so fast that Google Maps can’t keep up with the pace to add new places now Dubai looks like a large continuous construction site where work goes without stopping on day and night these guys work like hell statistically every fit lift crane in the world is located here in Dubai so just in case you’re a crane operator I believe I’ve just found a job for you you get a feeling that the local authorities just don’t know what the word impossible means see this is the dubai water , now it all looks like this a bit later we’ll see how it all looks at night believe me it’s worth seeing over the past 20 years 1344 high-rise buildings have been built here of course it’s fewer than in Hong Kong and fewer than in New York but just wait for it in Dubai real estate property price is steadily growing apartments here were bought by Madonna Roger Federer the Beckham family and Michael Schumacher I’ll show you his Villa the price for a 3-bedroom apartment starts from half a million dollars nowadays Dubai is a super modern technological and expensive city but it wasn’t always the case , the reason why Dubai turn from this into this very well it’s oil in the 1960s oil deposits were found here by the way they were not very large if compared to neighboring Abu Dhabi Western investors came to the country and started to build oil wells here and the dwellers of a small port city with a population of 20,000 people who cooked food on fire and lived mostly in tents figuratively switched camels for cars the construction and development of Dubai’s started it all happened largely due to this man Sheikh Zayed of course without oil we’d hardly ever seen Dubai the way we see it now but the local governments married is not just in the successful coping with Western budgets , it’s really hard to believe but now tourism and aviation bring Dubai many times more money than oil production in this very sense Dubai is much like a young man who inherited a large fortune however he didn’t blow it off but successfully invested it and now gets good dividends from all this now this city is one of the richest and most dynamically developing cities on the planet striving to be the first and everything you can actually shoot films about to buy every few months this is exactly how much time the municipal government needs to build and launch several large-scale facilities and grandiosely announce them to the whole world here everybody is fond of everything with the word most start bending your fingers SUBWAYS the longest fully automated underground railroad in the world operates here it actually operates without draw the underground network is about 75 kilometres long HOTELS in 2018 the tallest hotel in the world was set up in Dubai the Devorah hotel is 356 metres high the previous height record belonged to the JW Marriott Hotel Dubai the tallest exclusively residential building is located here here it’s still under construction the previous record-holder is close by it’s princess tower also here is the second largest mall in the world located it has an area of over a million square meters fitting in 1,200 stores and as you’ve probably guessed it’s not just Zara and H&M the building also has an aquarium with the largest acrylic glass in the world it’s 33 meters wide even though Dubai is located in the epicenter of the climatic furnace and the summer temperature may jump to 50 degrees Celsius above zero the world’s largest flower park was planted just think about it 45 million flowers is located here the last picture couldn’t have come at a better time because Emirates Airlines Dubai has been recognized as the world’s best air carrier for four consecutive years it owns the world’s largest fleet with the world’s largest passenger aircrafts Airbus a380 and Dubai Airport being the base for the company is the third busiest airport in the world and one of the central hubs in the Middle East next the largest man-made island is located in Dubai and we’ll get to it later as well and finally the tallest building in the world at the moment this steeple in the distance is also in Dubai and we’ll also visit it naturally that’s not all Dubai goes on investing huge money in the construction of many new facilities let’s turn the page and see the list of building projects being erected in Dubai in December 2018 the world’s tallest panoramic wheel is being built here it’ll be 210 metres high it’s at the final construction stage now this building shaped like a crescent is the Museum of the future which is plans to open in 2019 construction cost is about 200 million dollars and finally this is already funny but another world’s tallest architectural structure is being built here Creek Tower this tower with a restaurant and an observation deck on top will become more than 100 meters taller than the Burj Khalifa they promised to build it in just three years and you know for some reason I believe them in addition to building record-holders Dubai attracts many visitors with its inconceivable unnatural wealth and sparkling luxury the underground trains for example

have special cars for gold card holders people madly adore gold here and one of the most famous local attractions is the gold market you can find a lot of expensive jewelry here Rolex watches this particular model cost thirty thousand dollars and now this is the largest gold ring in the world it weighs 58 kilograms it even has a plate confirming the record another sign of wealth and Dubai is of course the fact that everyone here adores cars , now the situation has changed a bit Dubai with its population of 2.5 million people has more than 150 thousand registered cars and it’s also important to say what kind of cars they are Dubai can compete with any city in the world by the number of elite car industry products supercars are bought here very often consequently the number of brand car dealers goes beyond all conceivable and inconceivable bounds you don’t have to order and wait for something you come to a car dealer buy a Ferrari a Porsche or even a Bugatti and get Honda as a change if you think that only men drive cars here that’s not true are also little pink jeeps and BMWs and even Hummers for Barbies however the most incredible thing is not that vanity license plates are more expensive than the most luxurious cars in Dubai this Bentley Ben Tiger has the license plate worth several million dollars roughly the plate with 0:03 in Abu Dhabi has recently been sold for 7.5 million dirhams that’s 2 million dollars the most expensive license plate I’ve ever heard about has only one figure on it and it was sold for 45 million dirhams more than 12 million dollars now it’s time to talk about hotels you can find hotels here to suit all tastes but not all wallets Dubai’s hotels are considered to be the second most expensive in the world after Geneva’s the most famous hotel is one of two by symbols Burj Al Arab burj al arab better known as the sail the one and only seven star hotel in the world at least its owners call it this way it doesn’t seem very large from the air but the building is 321 meters high it has the tallest atrium lobby in the world the owner used 1,800 square meters of 24-karat leaf gold to decorate the hotel’s interior that would be enough to cover 46,000 Mona Lisa’s at the back you can see a terrace with swimming pools however guests can get there at an extra charge even though you’ll have to pay at least $1,000 per night to rent a room another luxury hotel is the Imani hotel which is


located in Burj Khalifa and designed personally by Giorgio Armani there are only two of them in the world wanting to buy and the other one in Milan and finally Atlantis a five-star hotel located on the man-made island called the palm at the ribbon-cutting ceremony there were seven times more fireworks used than at the Beijing Olympics it’s very difficult to get to its territory if you’re not a hotel guest but believe me everything is to the highest standard there generally there are more than 30 hotels residences Maryna and of course villas more than 4500 villas on the palm it looks very impressive from above but if you come a little bit lower you can see that the building stand rather close by each other and there’s practically no space between the houses the real estate developer who built this Island eventually increase the number of houses to compensate for high expenses some villa owners were not very pleased with this idea now let’s talk about the man-made islands this is the palm jumeirah we’ve just had a look at it it’s populated almost to its full capacity but there’s another Palm Island Jebel Ali which is still under construction the most interesting project among the artificial islands is the world archipelago it has 240 islands in the shape of a world map each Island is called by a country a state or a city here we have Australia Ukraine Kazakhstan and more there are also rust off on Yekaterinburg these islands and the Siberia Island were bought by Russian real-estate developers, most peculiar attraction of the city is that you can visit it every year and every year so many new landmarks will nod you to come here again and again