Dispelling Common Car Maintenance and Safety Misconceptions


If you own a car, you’ve certainly heard statements like “SUVs are safer than smaller units,” “warm up your engine before driving, especially during the winter season,” or even “use premium gas if you want to keep your engine clean.”

But how reliable are these bits of advice? Apparently, not a lot. Which begs the question: how many of the following common automotive misconceptions do you still believe?

For a Cleaner Engine, Use Premium Fuel.


Premium gas, which has a higher octane rating than regular gas, is recommended for high-performance automobiles and is frequently used in motorsport. Premium gas, as compared to regular gas, boosts the performance of a vehicle such as the BMW M3.

In contrast, high-octane gasoline is only a concern for strong engines. Contrary to common belief, premium gasoline is not “cleaner” than normal fuel. Unless your car has a very strong engine, it is completely unnecessary to fuel it with high octane gas.

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