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Best Dive Locations in the World 2021


by the way these are in no particular order or anything they’re just kind of random so Indonesia is not only one of the best dive locations on the entire planet but I also wanted to mention it because it just so happens to be one of the locations I got the scuba dive and explore what Nik himself together with other friends Nick and I got to scuba dive in Komodo National Park and later see the Komodo dragons and after komodo we went off to a lower which has a dive site that is famous for having the biggest concentration of Seon enemies on the planet from there ¬†.

Diving in Egypt

next up let’s head all the way to the Red Sea and explore waters that are warm year-round are crystal clear and have some of the best reef in all of Africa and the Middle East so any time I praised the scuba diving in Egypt people are always surprised but when normal people think of Egypt they imagine desert sand hot sand and ancient ruins and camels but when I imagine Egypt I remember my year of scuba diving and one of the best times of my life that’s right I did say one year I actually headed to Egypt to dive the famous Blue Hole I was supposed to stay about a week and I fell in love with the diving so much that I it didn’t leave for a whole year and I did nothing but dive almost every single day it’s that good so there are actually a lot of scuba cities around Egypt like her Garda Marsa Alam el gouna sharm el sheikh but my absolute favorite is the hob in the Sinai from to hub you could get two famous sides like the blue hall or disembark but there’s so many other dive sites around the hub that will keep you busy both sides are great for critter hunters and suitable for all levels of diversification .


one of the best or maybe the best dive locations in all of Europe so you’re going to be spoiled if you do your dive master internship there so most divers around Europe don’t have a lot of world-class dive locations to choose from so most of them just fly to Egypt because it’s so close but I think the main reason for that is the Mediterranean is kind of dull and lifeless for the most part but that’s what makes Portugal standout the Azores Islands which are part of Portugal but far off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean our pristine they’re protected they’re not overcrowded and so they have some of the best reefs and animal life year-round and I dare say that in the Azores you might even get sick of turtles you’ll see that many and during season between July and October you’re going to see a ton of manta rays that’s the manner RACI is in and that’s what most people want to go there because there’s so many but if you want to go an off season the waters a little colder but surprisingly there’s still a ton of marine .

Island Nation Of Mauritius

Burgess is located in southern central Indian Ocean in the middle of nowhere somewhere between Southeast Asia and Africa but even though it’s going to be extremely long flights to get there you’ll thank me when you go in fact Mark Twain was actually quoted saying Mauritius was made first and then heaven heaven being copied after Mauritius what else could I add to that even though I think old mark was talking about the topside beauty I think he would be even more impressed if he did a little bit of diving in Mauritius the dive sites are unique because they have a lot of upheavals and rock formations and the light that are also covered in marine life and corals and although there are a lot of dive sites that are world-class around the island I think if you asked anybody they would probably tell you that flick and flick if I pronounced that right flick and flick is the highlight of the country which is saying a lot and there is the tone of marine life there and it’s a protected reserve so you can imagine how pristine the reef and the reef fish and all the critters.

The Philippines

it doesn’t matter if you’re a critter hunter like me that is all about the species an d finally really exotic and rare critters that you can’t find in many other countries or if you’re just here for the relaxing scuba diving and pristine beaches and vibrant topside beauty whatever you’re here for Phillip is really has it all so if you want to see more about the Philippines and the underwater creatures you’re not going to be sorry for visiting the Philippines

so there you have it guys those are my top five recommendations to visit in 2021