7 Yoga Studios That Will Change How You Think About Yoga

What images come to mind when you think about yoga? Most people’s visions are likely to involve the Lotus position and chanting echoes. And, yes, it is one way to do yoga. However, studios are increasingly adopting innovative ways to practice yoga, such as hip-hop sounds, kettle bells, or a freshly prepared cup of Joe. We asked fitness writers from all around the country to tell you about these 14 SELF-approved yoga studios that honor tradition, embrace the future, and will push you in fresh ways, whether you’ve been practicing for years or are just getting started.

Vail, Colorado Mountain Soul Yoga

Classes are inspired by mountain terms: choose between a vigorous vinyasa session, Ignite, and a more grounded and profound practice, Root. After that, chill down with Green Elephant cold-pressed juices from the area. Kim Fuller contributed to the report.

Wanderlust Hollywood

Soulscape Sessions, a small festival experience for up to 100 students that mixes live music and DJ sets with their unique flow yoga, is sold out at this trendy L.A. refuge. Rachel Marlow contributed to the reporting.

Los Angeles Set and Flow Yoga

This 10,000-square-foot, color-therapy-lit hot yoga utopia offers 150 weekly sessions ranging from Cannonball Yoga Skulpt (a combination of ashtanga and kettlebell exercises) to Hot Set 60 (a sequence of 26 postures). Courtney Rubin contributed to the report.

Lyons Den, New York City

This hot yoga studio just expanded onto a second floor and opened a new location. Because there is no mirror, you must listen to the teacher to follow along. A sure way to block out anything else in your head. Meg Lappe contributed to reporting.

Westport, Kansas City, Missouri

Restorative and yin sessions, conveniently offered at lunch, appeal to people who suffer from stress and “desk jockey syndrome” (muscle imbalances in your back, hips, and shoulders). Janet Lee contributed to the report.

New York City and Los Angeles, Y7

Hip-hop music propels you through a lesson in which you create your own flow after the instructor leads you through it many times. On Thursdays, you may listen to retro rap or attend a D.J. fight session with Drake and Kid Cudi for an hour. Meg Lappe contributed to reporting.

The Colorado School of Yoga Boulder, Colorado

The major focus here is teacher training, although the vibe is open to everyone. Before class, make yourself at home in the living room-style lobby area and drink tea or play games. This place will feel like a second home with its popular happy hour Friday sessions. Kim Fuller contributed to the report.