7 off Track Things to Do in Paris (For Intrepid Travelers)

Here it’s the top 10 things to do in Paris for first-timers and those are a few of the more touristy things to do but in this video we’re going to be covering the more off track the more local things that you can check out while you’re travelling in the City of Lights alright let’s get started okay so number

Stroll Along Petit  Ceinture

Which is only open to visitors in a couple of sections but it’s still definitely worth a visit the railway itself is no longer in use but recently more areas of the railway have been opening up so don’t miss this walk if you want to have a unique and kind of quiet slice of Paris away from all the crowds .

Check Out the National Archives Inside the Gardens

You’ll find the State Museum of French history and the gardens themselves are really beautiful and peaceful and even though they’re located in a busy part of the city once you enter into them it feels really quiet and these have actually been called one of the most beautiful places and the most romantic places in all of Paris and I don’t think I completely agree with that moniker but nonetheless the archives and the leafy area surrounding them are definitely worth a visit it’ll only take you a few minutes to step inside the gardens and check out the beautiful 14th century building there as well.

Walk Along the Promenade Plantee

This is yet another abandoned railway in the city of Paris and I have to say that ever since Therese and I visited the High Line in New York and the 606 in Chicago we’ve loved checking these places up the promenade plantee is actually the first of its kind in the world until new York copied their idea this was the only elevated park built on an old railway anywhere on earth the promenade stretches 44.7 kilometers from bus speed to the edge of the city so it’s worth checking this out as part of a trip to the bestie market which is only open on Sundays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. so if you’re in Paris during time’s definitely go to the market and check it out it was listed as one of the top things to do in Paris on our other video and after you’re done that you can get a little bit off track by checking out the promenade plantee


Enjoy Wine and Cheese Tasting Inside of an Old Wine Cave

This is actually an Airbnb experience and I think it’s still off track because not that many people know about Airbnb experiences and they’re a great way to enjoy a unique experience with local people in the cities that you’re visiting when we did the one cheese tasting in the old wine cave experience we really didn’t know what to expect but we really enjoyed it set in a cave at the bottom of one of the oldest buildings in Paris this experience is casual so you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by pretentious wine sniffers instead it’s just like a group of people sitting around and tasting different French regional wines with some cheese’s if you want to enjoy some French wine and some delicious cheese’s in a really unique atmosphere definitely .

Take a Food Tour

Even though we did a lot of different food experiences and you know food and wine tastings while we’re in Paris we ran out of time to take this food tour but it was originally on our itinerary it’s a really high rated tour I’ll get your guide the three-hour small group tour takes you through the center of Paris to try five different Parisian favorites they also tell you where the Parisians get their cheese wine bread and pastries these tours are a great way to add to your list that must visit restaurants and must try foods while you’re in Paris the reason I were pretty bummed that we missed this one but we’re definitely going to go to it next time we’re in the city of Paris.

Chef’s Table Dinner With a Parisian Chef

This is another one of the Airbnb experiences that we did while we were in Paris and I have to say it’s one of the best Airbnb experiences we’ve ever done and also just one of the best tours we’ve ever done in general it’s set in an old Atelier or art studio that was once the home of a famous painter this experience takes you a historical journey through the life and times that artist the French chef prepares a fabulous meal for you as you sit around the table chatting with the other travellers and the chef himself the chef actually asked us not to tell too much above the experience on our YouTube channel or on the blog because they want to keep it more of a secret and a surprise so when people show up they’re really really excited to see what he had prepared for them so if you’re a foodie and you’re also into art and history then definitely don’t miss this experience on Airbnb alright .

Do an Independent Sightseeing Walking Tour

With San demands and that’s a great way to go and explore the really important sites and landmarks in the center of Paris but of course you’re with a large group so by going on an independent walk by yourself and just picking a route on Google Maps you can really get away from the crowd and have a unique experience in Paris all to yourself of course in places like the first and fourth months you’ll never get away from the tourists but if you go a little bit further outside of the city you’ll be able to get a real slice of Paris our favorite self-guided walk was from the 4th arrondissement to the catacombs with stops at de Luxembourg gardens and the pantheon along the way basically if you’re anywhere in the 4th arrondissement you can just type into Google the catacombs and look at that walking route and it’ll walk you through the Latin Quarter pass the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon and then you’ll end it the catacombs where you can do the two-hour to are there if you do plan to do this route definitely stop at the Coupe de tor salt which is one of our favorite French bistro in the entire city and don’t miss the duck confit there as well all.