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7 NEW Things To Do in Rome (After Lockdown)

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visit the trevi fountain

this is the largest Baroque style fountain in the city and is one of the most famous fountains in the world the Trevi Fountain is a must-see for anyone visiting Rome you really can’t miss it if you’re walking around camp with a fury area you’ll likely just stumble across it and the masses of tourists who are perpetually at its gates throwing coins over their shoulders making wishes and taking photos.

piazza navona.

this is our favorite piazza in rome there are about thirty plazas total throughout the city but navona just is on another level it’s also probably the most busy and most touristy plaza but when you enter into this grand open area in the center of the city you’ll quickly see why it’s so popular it’s filled with famous fountains palaces and churches and lined by dozens of beautiful but overpriced cafes this is a beautiful place to walk around or to just sit down and people watch for a while.

the Spanish Steps

this is another place in the city of Rome where you’re gonna see a lot of crowds everyone wants to come here and get photos but again when you get there you can see why it’s so busy climbing the steep slope between Piazza de spanger at the base and Piazza Trini that the Monte at the top dominated by the Church of the same name the Spanish Steps date back to 17 23 and are another must-see site in Rome as made evident by the seemingly endless crowds of photo snapping tourists and instagramers seems sprawling up the entire staircase.

visit the Pantheon

this is one of our favorite buildings in Rome and because it’s considered a holy site and a church you can actually enter for free the former Roman temple turned Catholic Church has an open dome ceiling that actually lets light and rain fall inside if you manage to be here during a sunny shower you can have some amazing breathtaking indoor rainbows for your photos at this place.

visit the Vatican City

although this technically isn’t Rome anymore you know you’re going into another country when you’re visiting the Vatican it’s something that you definitely should do when you’re visiting Rome on our first trip there we kind of ran outta time and we didn’t have a chance to go into the Vatican but on this last trip earlier this year we had a chance to go inside and it was definitely worth it we joined a tour with Airbnb and it was excellent it was about two hours long which was just long enough to get like a lot of information while not being too boring and after it was done we had more time to walk around on our own there’s a link in the description down below if you want to join that tour yourself.

trust avere

this is easily our favorite neighborhood in the city of rome and actually on this last visit to the city when we lived there for almost a month our apartment was based right in the heart of trust a very and it’s just the most romantic area of the city you know there’s these narrow cobblestone roads and there’s all these cool cafes and restaurants that have tables spilling out onto the streets and it’s just a really fun place to be it’s young its vibrant its hip it’s got the best nightlife probably in the city and yeah we just love trust.

walk along Via dei fori Imperiali

it’s basically the Imperial walkway that links Piazza van thia to the colosseum of rome so you’ve been walk along this and on sundays it’s actually close to car so it’s a pedestrian only walkway and there’s a lot of people on there playing music and busking and selling stuff on the street and it’s just a really cool place to be so I recommend that if you’re in the city of Rome on Sunday definitely make that the day that you check out the Colosseum you check out the altar of the fatherland and you just kind of walk in between them and there’s a bunch of beautiful archaeological sites on either side of the Imperial Way as well that you can check out and yeah on Sunday it’s the best because there’s no car so you get it all to yourself basically aside from the hundreds of thousands of tourists