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6 Countries to Travel to When the World Re-Opens- From Our Experience


here’s our list of the top 10 places that we’d love to travel to once the world opens up again:


this is actually a place that derice and I had on our travel itinerary for 2020 and like many people we had to cancel those plans but Slovenia has so much to offer from stunning vistas and beautiful lakes to snow-capped peaks and spectacular hiking not only does it have one of the most charming capital cities in Europe Ljubljana it also has some of Europe’s best fly-fishing and if you guys have been following us for a while you’ll know that I’m a fanatic for fly-fishing you can check out a video that we did here that was actually us hiking for eight days in Mongolia and fishing along the way it was one of the best experiences of my life so I am craving kind of being in the outdoors like that again and aside from being close with friends and family again ,most right now is to just be in nature and Slovenia has it in spades so it’s definitely one of the first places that we’re dreaming about going to after this lockdown is over.


this is another place that we had on our list and our travel itinerary for 2020 in fact if it wasn’t for the lockdown here in Lisbon we would have been traveling around iron right now but of course that wouldn’t have been possible because of what’s going on so we stayed in Lisbon stayed safe and didn’t move anywhere but yeah if this hadn’t happened that’s where we would have been right now and we’re really bummed that we didn’t get to go but when it all opens up again Ireland’s one of the first places we want to go to we have a lot of friends there the Irish people are so cool and we’d love to just meet up with them have a beer and talk about this whole pandemic in past tense and just you know enjoy Ireland for what it has and that has some amazing historical cities awesome pubs and bars a wicked nightlife scene and some of the most dramatic coastlines of any country in Europe so we were so excited to go there but hey you can’t go now so we just put it on the back burner for now and when things open up again Ireland we can’t wait to come see you.


Bulgaria is a place we’ve already been to before and it was one of our favourite countries in Europe at the time the people in Bulgaria are just so cool and relaxed and I lack as they call it which basically just means chilled out in their local slang but Bulgaria has so much more than just cool people as well it has gorgeous historical towns amazing history and of course some of the best fly fishing in Europe and I can’t get to reach to go travelling with me all around the world just to places where I want to go fly-fishing so luckily Bulgaria also has lines which will always get derice motivated so both of us have been dreaming about returning to Bulgaria travelling it some more meeting up with some old friends and just exploring the country more.


Grenada has been our home for the last five years we absolutely love it there that’s where all of our friends are and we honestly feel like Grenadians are our brothers and our sisters and we’re like family with them so it’s really hard for us to not be there right now during what’s going on in the world but for sure when everything starts to open up again one of the first places we’re gonna go is Grenada to return home to see all of our friends and to just be back with the people of that island who we love so much when things started kicking off around the world Grenada actually handled it quite well with just a few confirmed cases they lock down the entire country to keep their citizens safe I really hope that these drastic measures that the island is taking and shutting down will help protect the end people of the I love spice when this is all over Teresa and I are definitely going to go home back to our little island of Grenada and be there for our friends and try to help the island out as much as we can moving on.


and as Canadians we were only considered going back to Canada especially when our prime minister Justin Trudeau was calling for all Canadians to go back home come back to Canada from wherever you are abroad but for us we’re non-residents of Canada and thus we don’t have any Canadian health insurance plus we would worry about being asymptomatic on the plane and maybe passing it on to someone more vulnerable than us during the whole travel day so we just decided to stay put in Portugal and stay safe and not spread this thing around but when it’s safe to do so we definitely plan to head back to Canada to be with our friends and family there we’ve been doing our best to keep in contact with them during this crazy time by playing board games over video chats and trying to talk as often as possible but it’s just not the same as being there on top of that when it comes to nature and the outdoors nowhere in the world can compare to Canada all I can say is that Canada may not be our home anymore but it will always be our home country and we can’t wait to go back there and give all of our friends and family a massive hug when this is all over.


and with the Lake District and Patagonia in Argentina it’s hard to beat it when it comes to just raw natural beauty when we were in Argentina in 2017 we fell in love with it we loved the wine the friendly people the vibe and the mountains Patagonia and the Lake District was one of the few places we’ve ever been that I really felt sad when we were leaving it I felt like we needed another month or two even though we spent more than two months living and traveling in Argentina I guess another part of the pattern forming on this list is a theme of fly-fishing I have to admit that Argentina is another destination for fly-fishing and if you click the link right here you can check out a video I did of my fly-fishing trip in the Lake District of Argentina Argentina is a place where you can completely get away from everybody and be in nature and be miles away from cities and then the next day be in a wine bar sipping on a delicious Malbec with a few friends having a chat and those are two things that we’re really missing right now so definitely Argentina is on this dream list of travel.