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5 Gopro Tips to Improve Your Travel Videos!

Most of the people film about any plan when they are traveling I am going to show you five very easy shots which improve your travel videos and at the end of thisĀ  article I’m going to show you how these five shots look like when you cut them together so stay until the end


Make a shot which gives an overview of the place you are so your viewers know exactly where you’re and have a great overview of the whole place after that you can break down your shots to different places at the place you are at the moment normally a drone that gives the best over you but if you have none this is to show you should go for.


If you’re trolling alone there is nobody who can film you so you need to have an extendable pole that it doesn’t look like this that you’re holding a camera I show you how it’s done take your pole and leave your arm in a natural position like that grab the pole and then you can move it a little bit outwards and on camera you don’t see or you barely see that you are holding the pole yourself that’s exactly how it’s done.


Bureau or detail shot that means you film for example how you pick up your backpack or your camera or your feet how you walk from one place to another these detail shots give you as the name says more details to your child witness and that’s a very effective way to make them look better and more cinematic.

Specific Places

As I already told you in the beginning of this article at some point you can break down the places to specific places where you’re in my case this would be for example the forest the trees the lake or just any other place for you it might be sitting in a car in an airplane in a boat or wherever you .


Time-lapses are a great way to fade out your cinematic travel videos they are so powerful and so easy to make now