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10 Interior Design Mistakes That CanHouse Look Old-Fashioned and Boring

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10. Interior Design Scale

“When you enter a room, it should be like a city scape…a blend of different heights,” Linda Floyd says of scale and proportion in design. Everything in a room should not be on the same level or be the same size. Use varying heights/sizes in your furnishings, art arrangement, and window coverings to achieve this.”

When it comes to interior design, practically everyone makes the same mistake with scale. This is most likely the case because decorating a room with immaculate scale necessitates a gifted eye. Some people overcrowd a room by putting too many small items in it, clogging it up and denying the eye a place to rest.

Others, on the other hand, cram too many large, bulky items into one room, making it look crowded and cramped. A variety of varied shapes, heights, and sizes is the key to optimum scale. If you only engage an interior designer for one thing, it’s for aid with proportion and scale. Your room is well on its way to being a successful design with the proper scale.

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