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10 Fun Things to Do in Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦


tidal bore rafting

two times a day the tides in the bay of fundy rise and fall between three and a half meters and 16 meters when this massive influx of water meets the shubenacadie river the two collide to create rapids waves and a whole lot of swells with tidal bore rafting you hop in a zodiac and fly over the waves this is the only place in the world that you can do this activity but it’s not all about the crazy adventure on the river you’ll also enjoy a quiet boat ride before the tide comes in while spotting bald eagles high in the trees and after a few rounds of flying over the rapids you can release your inner child and do some mud sliding on the banks of the river there are numerous companies to choose from but we went with tidal bore rafting resort out of urbania who have been in business since 1985. tunnel ball rafting was so much fun it was our favorite thing that we did in nova scotia and i highly recommend it .